My Soundtrack of the Past Decade

Friday, June 7, 2024 | 0 Comment(s)

About 8 months ago I remembered that all of the music I had illegally downloaded in college was still in my computer from years ago. Somehow, as that machine became outdated, I forgot to transfer the thousands of music files over into whatever new machine I got with plenty of memory to handle it all. This has left me, for about the past 7-10 years with the same 10 or so albums on my cell phone. And, because music has never been something I was much invested in, i.e. I don't have Spotify or Apple Music - I JUST had these albums as the only music on my phone for what must be the much bigger part of a decade. 

They are an eclectic bunch that I've gotten to know intimately. And with one NOTABLE exception, I'm only mortified at the dearth of content contributing to the background music to my life - not full on embarrassed by the content itself.  What's more - since I now have all of my prior albums loaded onto my phone - I have to do this from memory. I laugh in the face of danger. Let's get into it.

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