Black Calling the Kennel Club Racist

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | 1 Comment(s)

I think it's strange that the Westminster Dog Show takes place in February.  Hello!  Black History Month.   And there really is absolutely nothing whiter than this grand ol dog show.

a few notes on this.  one.  i'm almost positive that the dog show happens in february because they hold it at madison square garden and feb. is the slowest sports' month;  it after football's over and before March Madness begins.

second.  i object to the dog shows on a lot of moral levels.  They only allow pure-breds, while the practice of breeding puppies as such has made some dogs (ahem, english bulldogs) less healthy.  They also see pure breds as superior to mixes (as an owner of one of each i see the distinction as friggin ridiculous).  The event even dropped Pedigree as its sponsor citing its inappropriately sad commercials featuring totally cute and adoptable shelter dogs.  On top of that, the pretentious way the commenters talk of "acceptable colors" and "quality of dog," disgusts me. 

I do not, however, object to the show on a cuteness level.  Cause those fluffy little (and huge) balls of heaven really are beautiful.  I'm sure those little girls on "Toddlers and Tiaras" are good inside as well.  After therapy.

Anyway.  back to the race issue here.  Having this here dog show right in meat of black history month -- nay -- overlapping the one real holiday which isn't even a real holiday in the month, is a slap to the face of black america.  I have scanned a number of wide angle pictures from the event today, and i honestly haven't seen one black person in attendance.  To give you an idea of what i'm talking about, you are about 25 times more likely to see a black person at a GOP convention than a dog show.  Black Republicans far outnumber Black dog show enthusiasts.  It's not a fact, in that i haven't looked it up . . . but it's a friggin fact.  trust me.  I'm practically a doctor.

So maybe move ye ol purebred-o-thon northward to Connecticut (seems like a natural fit).  and the change in venue will allow for schedule flexibility.  Maybe chose a nice white month like July when the kids are at camp.

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