Seriously, they are called the Washington REDSKINS

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How the hell is the Washington D.C. football team still called the "Redskins"!?!  Every time i watch football I think this same question.  I mean sure, the NHL (when it exists) has the Chicago Blackhawks and a smiliar logo.  But at least the Blackhawks are a tribe of Native Americans -- not a slur we used to dehumanize them.  And, of course, baseball has the Cleveland Indians (with their highly offensive "Indian" cartoon face (essentially the Native Ameican version of those Uncle Tom blackface figurines) and the Braves (while their "Indian chant" may be offensive, using the word for a warrior and the tomahawk as a symbol were fairly smart choices-ish).  But somehow the Redskins seem to put themselves atop the gross gross gross gross grossness meter for dumb decision making. 

I mean, think of new expansion teams in the same vain.

The Brooklyn Kikes -- I mean, why keep the "Nets" logo.  It's so bland and unappealing.  How cool will the basketball players look with peyus twirling down the side of their uniforms and a special "secular" outfit for Saturday games.

The Vancouver Yellowskins -- in an attempt to increase Asian turnout at hocky games, the Canucks decide to revamp their traditional uni's for something a bit more derogatory and defamatory.  While the sushi in the stands works out great (until they start throwing it on the ice), fans are caught off guard by the conical rice worker hat logo around the helmets and ExtenZe advertisements everywhere. 

And of course

The NFL's new San Francisco Queers -- Rainbow uni's abound as the none too subtle helmet designs were passed around.  I mean, a criss-crossed star with a missile heading toward it?   Keeping it classy.  The other teams always seem tentative to hit the Queers, even the pre-game stretching has taken a turn toward the awkward.  It's hard to innocently stretch out your teammate when the unicorns on your spandex pants line up juuuuuuust right when you do so.  

If you think these are super offensive and ridiculous, again, I present to you the football team playing in OUR NATIONS CAPITAL:  The Washington fucking Redskins.   Perhaps we just need a few doses of our own medicine. 

this kinda says it all
What about Rednecks instead of Redskins?

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