What to do When You Buy Children's Liquid Tylenol

Monday, June 1, 2020 | 0 Comment(s)

Hello again. The world's on fire and we need a smile so here we go:

If you read my last post, you already know that in a panic-induced shopping incident I inadvertently bought the title product instead of extra-strength tablets. That's my bad. But, since becoming a first time owner of an altogether new, to me, product, I have some suggestions. Marketing suggestions.

At this point, and I'm talking to you liquid pain reliever manufacturers, your target audience is parents and people who are too busy, distracted, or panicked to read a box before purchasing a product. And you are leaning into that "distracted" market by not clearly labelling the box "liquid."  Too simple and clear. Instead, in the upper right hand corner, away from all the other information it says,"oral suspension," which sounds more like a WIPEOUT challenge than a description of liquid.

You have to go for a larger market share. What about, instead of hiding the words oral suspension, you emphasize the word CHUGGABLE! 

Game  . . . changed.

Tylenol Chuggables(TM) would sell to every college kid in America . . . once being a person in college becomes a thing again. Just imagine, the announcers voice:
"After you've crushed that 30 rack with your boys, grab Tylenol Chuggables to make sure you wake up ready for the hair of the dog!"

Hell, Tylenol could collaborate with some liquor company and sell an egg carton of shooters -- 10 of tequila & 2 Tylenol Chuggables.

I just think that if you can tuck your morals and sense of health and decency under the table, which you can do for like $4.99 at the corner store these days, then you could profit off of making sure that your liquid pain reliever tastes like a mixer. Give the public what they didn't know they wanted: T,T, & T's --  Medicated Russians -- or even an Acetaminophen Old Fashioned. Money in the bank is what those are.
If we can make "French fry taste" in a lab, I'm sure we can create pain relieving chemicals that taste like Red Bull.

Tylenol Chuggables: Making pain relief more swallowable!

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