Mixing Business with Pleasure

Monday, April 12, 2010 | 2 Comment(s)

You may have noticed that I have not been posting with my regular expediency as of late. There are a combination of factors at work to cause this. First off, I like to give myself unbelievably high expectations (like . . . ah . . . posting every day), without paying any attention to how it might mesh with the other things in my life (like . . . um . . . wanting to graduate . . . badly). So, perhaps it shouldn't have come as such a surprise when my adviser "dropped the hammer" on me recently to get moving (aka finish) my current project. Herein lies today's blog post.

So, without getting too much into my "work stuff," I will say briefly that I'm currently working on a paper that will update the current psychological model of marital power. Said much much much less douchey, I am writing about how women and men "do power" in (hetero) marriage, and how those decisions affect each person and are informed by gender (and gender norms). For example, how a couple divides the household chores, is a good example of what I would call gendered power.
"Sheering sheep is women's work?"

Anyways, this paper has to get done. Pronto. ASAP. Yesterday. So I have been super focused (stressballface) and spending the majority of my time working (the other reason for the blog post infrequency). Inevitably however, (as I began with) because I am usually at a delicate maximum equilibrium of commitment, if I increase my time in one domain, another is bound to suffer. And, as it has always manifested in the past, it's my living space that suffers. When I was single and living alone this was no big thing. I can stand quite a bit of my own mess. Quite a bit. (I wore inside-out underwear last week.)

But now, I don't live alone. I'm lucky enough to get to share my life with someone, and sadly it is her that the mess really affects. So, just to clarify what I'm saying here: I must neglect my housework responsibilities and therefore overburden my gf, in order to complete a paper about which the subject is how gender affects household responsibility.

This is not Alanis Morissette ironic. This is the real thing.


  1. Copy and paste this entry into the "Acknowledgements" section of your dissertation.

  2. do you think i should i include the picture as well?