My Secret Fantasy

Saturday, April 3, 2010 | 2 Comment(s)

Ok, the curtain is down. This is the part in Fever Pitch when Drew Barrymore's character realizes that she's dating a mild mannered school teacher half of the year, and a baseball fanatic the other half of the year. I know that the dance major seems like it would preclude me from being a "sport guy," but i pride myself on being somewhat of a renaissance man, and with that comes sporadic sports fanaticism.

It is t-minus 70 min. til my fantasy baseball draft and it is taking every bit of my self-control to type this entry as opposed to pouring over score sheets and line-scores. I am kinda a fantasy baseball lunatic. I love the numbers and projections and anticipated return. Which is ironic considering that the numbers (stats) side of my academic field, psych, is my least favorite part.

And so it begins today. My journey into the 2010 baseball season. I'm not sure how this will affect my blogging accept that, with the exception of this entry, I am going to try and separate blog and baseball as much as possible. Cause here is the thing. I KNOW you guys don't care. Doesn't that make everything better.

And while we are talking baseball, i need to take a moment to thank my friend Ryan who texted me last thursday saying, "hey matt, can you be in boston sunday for opening night vs. the Yankees?" My reply, "Fuck yes." Is there another reply? Unless someone i love is going into surgery (which would probably be in boston anyways), i am going to that game. and Ryan made me the happiest little jew on Easter. It really is like my own little resurrection.

annnnnd . . . now it's 50 minutes til the draft. Gotta go folks. Simply gotta go.


  1. Not all of your followers would be bored! I love baseball (my brother and father got me hooked at an early age). Since I'm assuming you're a red sox fan, I have to point out that the Yankees are clearly the greatest team ever.

  2. @Allie. I'm not sure what the process is for removing followers, but one more yankees comment like that I i might start trying to figure out the answer. You're on probation. :)