Pirate Jokes

Monday, February 21, 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

Ethiopian pirates recently captured an American yacht traveling around the world delivering Bibles to poor communities worldwide.

you couldn't write this stuff if you tried.

Think the pirates were cool taking the bibles as ransom?

Who will intervene first, God or the military?  Or will Mohamed make it a surprise save as the twist in the ending?

Bet Captain Hook is glad he didn't have to deal with missionaries.

Bet these yacht goers didn't think they'd have to deal with hipsters' favorite conversation topic (oh, that's pirates).

Would we all be Christian if FedEx and UPS were around when Jesus was alive (overnighting the word of the lord).

I kind of like the image of the pirates boarding the vessel and sitting down all the passengers.  At that point, one of the sailors says, "son, have you ever met my friend?  His name is Jesus."  45 minutes later, the man still talking, the pirates throw them back like a fish that was too small.

ps.  feel free to leave your best one liners in the comments. 
In sum.  I realize that this is most likely in incredibly poor taste.  So, to somewhat mitigate that effect, let me say that i do hope for these sailors safe return, and while the byline may be hilarious, the situation itself is deadly serious. 

*Update*: Unfortunately, not all funny posts have happy endings: The four Americans captured by Somali pirates while sailing in the Indian Ocean have been shot and killed, NBC News reported Tuesday.

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