Greatest Comment Ever: Could anyone tell me how to do?

Friday, June 24, 2011 | 1 Comment(s)

I'm not feeling great today.

I don't expect you to care about this per say, but my original enthusiasm for the forthcoming post has been slightly muffled by my incessant wheezing and rock-a-bily headache.  i will try to do it justice nonetheless.

Not all comments on the blog are created equal.  All are encouraged and make my heart sing, of course, but some just rise above.  There was the cardiac haiku, for instance.  And there are John's blog length comments which i know i have to set time aside to read ;).

But recently, i got what i think might be the very best one yet.  I comes from an anonymous follower and was left on my "I just can't quit you newsweek" blog post.  (Note: i received my latest free issue yesterday!).  It is pretty self explanatory:

I want to cancel my subscription, but is very hard, please could anyone tell me how to do? My resident is spoted in south America.  -anon

Um.  Awesome.

Is it awesome enough to make a list of all the things that are awesome about it.  Yes, i think it is.

1.  Someone in south America (my kind of capitalization btw) read my blog.
    (I can only hope that we are talking about South America and not some semi-literate Alabamian.)
2.  Someone in south America was routed to my blog by search how to cancel their Newsweek subscription.
3.  I love the term "spotted" in south America.  It makes me want to pop over to google maps and look for their house.  Oh, there is Cesar working on his roof!!! And i spotted his dog by the front door as well!
4.  Even someone who obviously is still in the process of learning English seems to know that Newsweek has fallen to shit and wants to cancel their subscription.  What a Catch-22.  Knows too much English to appreciate Newsweek, and not enough English to figure out how to cancel their subscription. 

And lest anyone say that i am all talk and no walk.  Here, my anonymous reader, is the support page for newsweek.  In the top left, there is a menu for "espanol."  That might also help:

Good Luck Cesar!  I hope to spot you later.

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  1. I am in Western Massachusettes and I want to leave a comment on a blog, but it is very hard, please could anyone tell me how to do it? Oh...wait...