They've Come to Take Me Away, HA HA, They've Come to Take Me Away

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | 2 Comment(s)

 There are times, mostly after midnight, when i cast my mental fishing line out into the everything, and i catch nothing but the back end of feeling infinitely small.  There is me, in the shadow of my planet in the shadow of my galaxy in the shadow of being so small as to not yet have the capabilities to know what lies beyond.  My life span in relation to the human existence, in relation to life on earth in relation to the creation of the universe. . .  As you might have guessed, this is the thought process that invented anti-anxiety medication. 

But the facts are the facts and that’s why they are scary.  And I think about this more and more in the mornings.  When I begin anew.  I have been thinking, “this is one of the days of your life.  Have at it.” 

This is easier said then done.  Especially in graduate school.  But it makes me even happier to see my friends.  I am appreciative of the privilege of, as Sesame Street always encouraged me to do, knowing the people in my neighborhood.  I get to greet the people on the street, because they’re the people that I do see each day.

Holy shit.  I just realized that I’ve been brainwashed by Sesame Street.  The Children’s Education Workshop has control of my mind.  Oh my god . . . how do I remember that their even IS a childrens education workshop!!!    My reality is crumbling, I don’t even know where my cell phone is half the time, but I remember the in’s and out’s of the rules of Snuffleupagus ’s reality like they were the rules to baseball.  I’m tailspinning.  The “yup yup yup” of the alien squid puppets is humming outside my window.  I see them bobbing just outside the kitchen window.

OH NO THEY ARE INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!  They just friggin phased through the wall or something.  Like there were magical creatures or teleporters.  Either way im done for.

Remember to read and reread this blog when im gone. 

Their hovering is insanely creepy.  Im scared.  But it all makes sense now.  All that education . . . I mean . . . a DANCE major . . . and we named the dog Grover for god’s sake.  I should have seen this coming.  PBS is evil ya’ll.  Raw methodical evil.

And now this.  Their minions.  Come to finish me off. 
Their googley eyes will haunt last my last breaths. 



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