Doctor Knows Best

Sunday, March 25, 2012 | 0 Comment(s)

This is still not the second part of the post about san diego.  mostly im just torturing my friend who i know must be constantly checking for the second installment.

Nope, not this one.

I should also explain my bit of an extended absence on the blog.  I've simply had doctor things to do.  Wait, did I say doctor?  Oh.  Yah i did.  I'm a doctor now, which means the mere fact that you're reading this entitles me to some of your money. *arm extends, palm up*.  Wait wait wait.  this is not doctorly behavior.

Doctorly behavior is when you have to pee so badly after a snorkel, but instead of just sneaking one behind the foliage near the water, you wait all the way until you've hiked back to the parking lot.  Yup.  Responsible.  Putting the distance of the car between you and the road when you finally relieve yourself . . . only to realize that an entire family is two cars over, in clear view, watching you pee.  And maybe you were screaming "I AM SPARTACUS" at the top of your lungs due to the relief you were feeling.

Well,  in that case, that doctorly thing to do is to, um,  shuffle while peeing away from said family's car?  the ol' walk and pee.

I mean.  I wouldn't know this myself.  I just read it in the doctor's guide to proper etiquette that i was issued upon completion.  Thought it might be useful information for you all.

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