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Today I submitted my doctoral dissertation.  I defended it a few weeks ago, but today i officially submitted it online.  The last thing I wrote was the acknowledgement section.  And, as a great many of you will be spared reading my full dissertation, i thought i might post said section on the blog.  This is of particular significance in that many of my readers are friends and family and my fiance, all of whom are mentioned.  hell, there may even be a colleague or two.  but i doubt it.  Without further ado, i give you those my thanks.

            The idea of writing a dissertation alone is akin to being completely independent in this world.  Both are impossible.  Just as socializing and interdependence are woven into our culture and DNA, so is the accomplishment of this dissertation the product of both myself, and those who supported me through the process.
            First and foremost, this research doesn't happen without my partner, Erin.  The irony of a dissertation regarding household labor, is that I have been forced to neglect my own domestic responsibilities in order to complete the work before you.  She has been understanding, supportive, motivating, and even more understanding.  She believes in a world of fairness, and I love the world she strives to create. While there is no way to ever fully repay you, by marrying you, I hope to give myself the opportunity to try.
            To my family and friends, you are one and the same.  In times of academic isolation you all gave me your time, patience, attention, and love.  These are acts of kindness which cannot be forgotten, and which will always be meaningful to me.  I continue to believe that these relationships are the key to sustained happiness.  So thank you, for being my sustenance.
            To my academic colleagues.  This work would never have been possible without you.  Without your generosity of time, interest, and spirit, I would have been adrift, wandering the academic void, lost in time.  Thank you for your guidance and selflessness.
            And last but never least, my dogs, Grover and Falcor.  There is no therapy quite like being nuzzled between your fuzzy faces.  You continue to open my eyes to new worlds of connection, and you may just be the best dogs that ever were.  

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  1. what a lovely lovely thing this piece of writing is! thanks for sharing and congrats again and a million times more! xo