Falcor vs. Mothra

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I have to admit.  The title to this post is overtly misleading.   I had the concept for this piece all set in my mind when I came up with the title, but then I realized that the title suggested its own awesome post.

So.  For those of you who came for a Godzilla-style (Pokemon-style for my younger readers) face-off between the Neverending Story's Falcor and the moth queen Mothra, this is for you:

I think Flacor would win.  The overall increased agility would allow Falc to literally flies circles around Mothman.  Add to that, Falcor is a friggin luck-dragon ya'll.  And while I am not sure exactly what powers that distinction denotes, I firmly believe that Flac has some hidden fire-power just waiting to be unleashed.

In fairness, Mothra could win.  Mothra's advantage lies in her offensive capabilities.  She's been preparing for battles like this since she was just a bus-sized larva.  If the Moth could get a direct hit with one of her power beams or poison attacks, in all likelihood it would cause a Mike Tyson-esc knockout.
And now onto the show.

Falcor is our puppy.  Number 17 of 17 in his litter, he's our dwarf-prince.  He hops whenever possible, be it snow or toy related, and is inseparable from his older brother.
I'm upside down . . . and I like it!!!

can't you see I'm poopin?
Last night, Falcor got in a fight.  And it sounded pretty serious.  Thankfully, it was 4 am, and he was fast asleep, barking viscously and whatever dream puppy was messing with him.  For me, this scenario was made all the more hilarious because Falc's usual bark, which can be quite shrill, was being muffled by his sagging sleepy jowls.  The sound emitted as a result of this muffling was a "Wokka Wokka Wokka!" perfectly emulated, as if from Fonzie the Bear himself.   Whatever dog was instigating this puppetry of my puppy, they were getting his full vocal attention.

And as I drifted away into my own dreamland, the sounds of The Muppet Babies filled my bedroom, and I knew, all was right with the world, for tonight.

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