Is it Warm Outside or is My Skin on Fire?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 | 0 Comment(s)

In the end, it will be our humanity. Our so called "higher intelligence," and the ability to feel we can make sense of our world, that will be our species undoing.

Australia is burning, and it is a sources of endless personal sadness. The reports from NASA say the smoke, which is currently causing tennis players in Melbourne to collapse from smoke inhalation, will literally be felt globally. The smoke from a country on fire in the middle of a seemingly far away ocean, will circumnavigate the globe. We are already a world on fire.

A 17-year-old and an American President sold the world's leaders two vastly different visions of our climate future. Everyone knew the 17-year-old was telling the truth.

And yet, our brains' need to make reason of madness retards our ability to see each natural disaster as anything more than a warning shot. In a far off country. It isn't strange to me that the children of the world seem to be the only one's taking this crisis seriously. Kids have less of an ability to lie to themselves in order to make themselves feel better (that's why adults often have to do it for them). And those adults keep on blowing smoke. Hell, Australia's current PM is a climate denier. I'm awestruck at true psychological power of the PM's cognitive dissonance, who can watch his county burn and declare it normal temperature fluctuation. It is truly quintessentially human. I can't think of any other species with that ability to lie to itself in the face of such a stark reality.

This is not even the beginning anymore. This is the end of the beginning, which means shit's about to get much much worse.

And then we'll start to care. Why? Because then our money will be on the line. I'm already seeing articles like this, foretelling that the financial industry will soon be intimately tied to global climate change. First off, news flash, HUMANITY'S future is tied to global climate change. That's not enough though, how will it affect my taxes?

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