3 fer Wednesday

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | 3 Comment(s)

*edit:  I originally titled this post "3 for Monday" only to look and see its technically 1:10am Wednesday.  I then started the post:  "3 thoughts to start the week."  You know you're a little out of it when you are TWO days off and considers tuesday evening the beginning of the week. end edit*

3 thoughts to get over the hump.

1.  Since i've had this whole back surgery thing (im on the road to recovery!), i've been unable to do simple things like "drive" or "take care of my basic needs." Because of this, i had to use my gf's deodorant the past two days.  What? Sue me?  Anyway, you want to know my honest opinion?  I don't mind smelling like pomegranate and lemon seed.  I mean, there are definitely worse things.   I picked up more of my own deodorant today, so apparently i'm not entirely comfortable with it.  Perhaps i'm uncomfortable how not uncomfortable i am with it.  deep stuff.
if you know that this is the "Obama girl," im impressed and saddened 

2.  It is only now that my back pain has relented, and i am no longer in the pain that necessitated using a cane, that i can appreciate that i looked pretty sweet with a cane.  I'm not saying that i hope to ever again have to use one, but i certainly am pleased that i can pull one off.  Rhyme or reason?  No thanks.

Come on, he was the only good thing about that movie!

3.  Riding in ambulances is overrated.  I remember a time, not 3 years ago, that i always wondered what it would be like to ride in the back of an ambulance.  Maybe im a crazy person (i'm definitely a crazy person), but am i the only person that sees something glamorous about an ambulance ride?  It's an oasis, folks.  A beautiful illusion.  The are only 3 ways to ride in the back of an ambulance:  as a person experiencing incredible pain or medical emergency, as a person worried shitless about a person experiencing incredible pain or another medical emergency, or as a medical professinal dealing with a person experiencing incredible pain or medical emergency and sometimes a person worried shitless about a person experiencing incredible pain or another medical emergency.  All three suck in there own special way.  Have i checked it off my bucket list?  Yes.  But here's the thing, you can always save this one for last.


  1. was or was not arnold schwarzenegger (sp?) ice man or dr. freeze or something in that batman movie? was or was not tommy lee jones two face in that batman movie?

  2. @Anon. An actor doesn't necessarily make a roll. Ah-nold was so bad that there is kinda a cult following for Dr. Freeze and his horrible ice related puns. While TLJ is unquestionably a great actor, his portrayal of two face was more 2D than the screen it was shown on. I love Alicia Silverstone more than the next person, but bat-girl . . . noper.

  3. Yah. I said roll. You see, a movie role is like sushi . . .