Quick Update: The Back is Dead: Long Live the Back

Sunday, September 5, 2010 | 2 Comment(s)

I feel like i left you all hanging with my last post.  and i hate to do that.

my brother's getting married today, and i'm the best man.  that's my excuse. 

my other excuse is that i have a large herniated disc (L5S1) that will probably require surgery next week.  i have some wonderful medications, but it has been difficult to be surrounded by so much excitement and love and be limited--mobility-wise.  But i'm UNLIMITED happiness-wise, and i'm trying my best to just go with that.

those are some good friggin excuses no?

Here's some things that have happened.  Yesterday there was a "clam bake."  I didn't know it til day of, but apparently clam bakes include lobster.  and clams.  and a hot dog, corn-on the cob, sausage, yam, and potato. 
the feast

 dinner for ONE!

One of the drugs im on for this back injury is a steroid.  One side effect of the steroids, for me, has been a huge appetite.  Not only did i house that whole platter minus the potato (by the time i finished wondering if i should eat the hot dog, i had already eaten the hot dog), but i went back for a 2nd lobster.   Oh, i friggin LOVE lobster.  Like, birthday meal love.

And cause it was my brother's wedding, and i was the best man, i ate a 3rd friggin lobstah!!!!
lobster 3: A good day to die

And, as i told my brother at the end of the night, anyday, ANYDAY that you get to eat 3 lobster, is a pretty good friggin day.


  1. Steroids make me crazy hungry, too....along with being unable to sleep and extremely irritable. Nothing like a sleepy, starving, irritable Melissa... hopefully you're just reaping the benefits of being able to eat 3 lobstahs -- super jeal! :) Mazel tov to the Zimbler family today!

  2. I just want one lobster. Those are some pretty beautiful crustaceans, I just have ot say! Where did they get all those lobster?!?