How to tell if something is alive or dead

Friday, December 24, 2010 | 0 Comment(s)

This is probably the last 2010 post.  no promises. 

And i'm that guy.  Cause our new dog Grover is once again a key player in this post.  this is not a dog blog.  That may even have to be Mmy new tagline for 2011.  To Be Read and Reread Upon My Untimely Demise: this is not a dog blog.

I have found a new role for Grover.  You know how canaries are used in mines to detect carbon monoxide, well Grover can be used to determine whether or not something is alive or inanimate.  Enjoy.


Cars:  GULP! Upon getting within a 15 feet diameter of mmf or my car, Grover will weight his body down and go into, what i call, pancake mode.  His objective is to "become the ground" so as not to be moved.  If Grover is scared of something, it means it must be inanimate.  Not alive = terrifying for the Grov-ster.   (Full disclosure: Grover is slowly adjusting to the car situation after a bit of practice .)

Tiny tiny puppy:  LOVE HER!  Must be living. During a first puppy play date, Grover took on a tiny little new-born pup.  While he had about 45 lbs on the lil girl, he played very nice.

Stairs:  ACK!!!  Grover freaks his shit out at stairs.  He has not yet adjusted to them.  At all.  He does a little excited/nervous jig/hop around the living room when he watches us go downstairs, and has not yet attempted going down them on his own. We'll have to work on this one.

Kitten: LOVE HER! Must be alive. He sniffed this kitten's bum so much that he ended up giving her a bit of a sled ride across the linoleum floor.  Not even the hint of a nip.  The kitten then came back to play.  If it's alive, Grover wants to play with it.  Kittens are just weird small dogs to him, so lets play.

Tile floor:  YIKES! The first time we brought Grover home, he avoided the kitchen and tile entrance-way.  He didn't like the tile.  This one is just his own crazy.  Visit two, he didn't even seem to notice the change in flooring.  I thing tilophobia may be a thing of the past already.

Half a squirrel (mostly the . . . um . . . inside half):  This was found during a walk.  There was much interested sniffing.  Almost as if Grover hoped that the intestines would jump up and bound away so that he could chase them.  But one solid "come" and he realized that he should probably leave it alone.  Actually, considering how inanimate it was at that point, he probably should have been terrified of it. 

Yin-Yang face

 Here's to health and happiness in 2011. 

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