What This Blog Post is About: puppy love

Saturday, December 18, 2010 | 4 Comment(s)

I promise not become one of those people.  I promise. This is not the end of the mattitiyahu blog and the beginning of the puppy blog.  While i cannot promise there won't be pictures of grover in the future, after this post (you'll at least get a break til we pick him up for good on the 3rd), i can promise that i won't treat this dog like my child and think you want to know every minute detail about his expressions, poops, and snoring (its adorable--the snores not the poops [though the poops are now hook-worm negative--which is good--oh my god im those people!!!]).   Come to think of it, i'm gonna try not to treat my unconceived child like that.  No promises there. 

but this is a blog post about grover.  that's a lie.  Like always, its a blog post about me.  but in this case it's my experience of being with grover for a sleepover for the past 24 hours. 

Our little gentleman

Folks, it's been a revelation.  I have never had a pet.  That's another lie.  I have had countless fish (die) (quickly).  I also had my beloved elderly babysitter convince my parents to let me get a bird when i was in middle school.  I got one.  For three days.  Then i had an asthma attack and ended up in the ER.  Bye bye birdie.  But that's it.  everyone was allergic to cats, and dogs were, from day one, always not an option.  Yes, we asked.  Yes, we pointed out that they had had dogs when they were little.  But we knew, in this regard, they weren't going to budge.  I don't hold a grudge (rhyme).  But what i did hold onto was the feeling that "i wasn't allowed to get a dog."  Or perhaps more accurately, "dogs are things that other people can have."  having grover spend some real time with us started to break that self-conception.  And the outpouring of happiness that is replacing it truly makes me feel like a 7 year old, giddy to get the best Hannukah present ever (even better than the previous best -- which was the original Nintendo).  I couldn't even sleep the night before we picked grover up.  5:30 am.  I was wide awake.  Puppy day.

He is a love. We brought him to the local/our favorite pub last night which allows dogs.  The music was going and there were plenty of people.  He was shy at first.  then he adjusted and took the pets, praise and peanuts from the bar patrons (sneaky dog--just like his mommy). Then he just chilled.  We sat there getting compliments on how well behaved and good mannered he is, and we're like, "yah, we've worked really hard on him . . . . for at least 8 hrs. now."   He has trouble with firsts.  Steps are a no go on the first day.  The tile floor near the bathroom and kitchen was a boundary until i put his food dish on it (scarfed).  But mostly, i love his want to be near us.  The kindness he explores with (he's in the rescue center running free with about 7 cats, and he just wants to play with them) and the thankfulness he emits when he comes and plops down next to you . . . mmf and i are deeply deeply in love.  All over again.  This morning, after mmf took a quick nap, i woke her up by saying, "You're still my favorite all-time, but now it's close."

this post is about happiness. excitement.  change. 

back surgery sucked.  my eye infection has sucked.  grad school has sucked.  there has been a tangible lack of excitement plaguing my recent life.  But right now.  in the moment.  I'm excited.  I'm excited for new years when my friends are coming into town to play in the Vermont snow with me.  I'm excited to move into a bigger place where mmf and i can coexist without being on top of each other all the time (hehe--not in the good way).  I'm excited to be a dog owner and share myself with a pet in a way i have never had the opportunity to in the past.  I'm excited to give grover the bourge-est, most spoiled, love-fest of a life that he was denied for his first year and a half.  I'm excited that amongst the crap of this year i've had two of the all-time best days of my entire life (engagement & yesterday), as well as getting to watch my brother get married.  And im excited to be excited about things again.  I love the new.  I love the nervous excitement.  It makes me feel alive.  and that's what this blog post is about.


  1. aw, i love this post matt! grover is a QT! So happy for you guys and all the happy new things in your life.

  2. PUPPY!! Welcome home (soon), Grover!

  3. Grover is adorable. Is the pub that allows dogs Lady K.?

  4. I don't think the Lady K does allow dogs (though i think a LOT of people bring their dogs in the warm months and eat outside on the benches. It's the Moan and Dove that is pup friendly and long as the pup is friendly.