Back in the Saddle Again

Monday, January 10, 2011 | 1 Comment(s)

The best part of not blogging for awhile is the living i do in between.

most of the time.

my new years "break" was marked with the highs of being with friends in the Vermont woods (insinuation?) -- good food -- good drink -- many many laughs (e.g. men vs. women in a snow penis vs. snow vagina contest . . . everybody wins).  I also have had the warm fuzzies of getting the new pup. 

aaaand the lows as well.   mmf pulled her neck something horrid over christmas with her folks.  bummer.  and the dog spent his first day puking about 40 times until i had to leave work (in tears) to grab him and mmf and figure out where the PET ER is.  Amazingly there is a 24 hr pet ER in South Deerfield.  This information has greatly enhanced our pet owning experience.  Knowing there is a safety net, and that the people at said safety net are incredible.  My (our) dog puked what looked like 4 running sunny-side up eggs all over their waiting room.  *BOOM* there is a mop and a "don't worry about it, i'm just happy it's coming our the front end." 

You have to understand.  This was my first day as a pet owner.  So when grover starts puking all over the place, mmf are looking at each other like, "are we those crazy neurotic new parents who stress over the size of their dogs poops, and bring them into the vet for the slightest coughs.  cause we don't want to be those people.  but he's puked a ton."  When he lost his "puppiness," we knew to bring him in.  he's fine now.  thankfully. 

so im back.  im on facebook less (dog).  im outside more (dog).  and im still committed to NOT writing a doggie blog.  and im still failing miserably in the new year. 

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  1. Did they have any idea what was going on with poor Grover? My sister's dog just has a sensitive stomach (seriously, his vet told us sometimes Bostons just have sensitive tummies hahaha) so sometimes he has a day of drool and barfiness and not feeling well, and it's super sad to watch!