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For a change of pace, and because i recently was notified (by my phone) that i have an excessive amount of photos on my phone (just above 2,500).  I figured i should share some of them.  and give some of them captions.  maybe funny ones. we'll see what happens.  Some of these first one's won't even be of my dog.  Here we go:

Halloween kitten. 
Turns out this kitten was not super excited with her new pit-bull roommate.

she lets her hair down
 my beautiful mmf.  Stunning.

bird on a hot aluminum side mirror 
 I'm not sure what you guys consider notable in your days, but 2 birds on a car side-view really revs my engine (car pun!)

i'm almost positive this is art
 This is a picture, and i'm not making this up, of eggplant roadkill.  Fresh eggplant roadkill.   I feel like this picture is the punchline to a joke that begins, "you might live in the country if."

however, I think someone was sending a message.  I think some small time farmer got mixed up with the wrong people . . . spaced out a few of his loan repayments . . . and his bookie is just making sure he doesn't pay late again.  it's sad that an innocent eggplant had to die because of it.  (i actually hate eggplant myself, so my heart is cold to such appeals.

pure motherf*cking heaven. 
 Yes, that is chicken and waffles and bacon. i'll pause to let you wipe your mouth.

thats not a chupah . . . THIS is a chupah!!!

also love
This wack-a-doo is our marriage officiant.  I think we made the right choice.  I mean, he's a stickler for time . . . so thats a positive.  And who couldn't use a quick lube job from time to time.

*new topic.  it is both dangerous and hilarious to have a board with rearrangeable letters on it near a bunch of drunken wedding guests.  As Ryan & Laura, who got married on the 3rd floor of the Woman's club found out.

end of wedding
I do recommend the latin congo company.  they tore the roof off that biatch.

And now its time for pictures with dogs in them:

My friend Liza has this thing with my dog where they take amazing and powerful photos together seemingly by accident.  The first one in this next series may be on my top 5 all time pics i've taken:

This past weekend Grover had a play day-te (and date that lasts all day?) with our friend's lovely old english bulldog Sadie.  Sadie was a little stand-offish at first (hard to get anyone?), but the two 2-year-olds ended up having a blast together--as the video at the end proves.  Enjoy!

new friends!!!
look how awesome we are together.  syncro-sitting

don't. ever. leave me.

is he still looking at me?

He's crawling over here, isn't he?

crawling right into your heart!!


tired friends

"Let's do this again soon!"

*the sugar on top*

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