Some Like It Wet

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 | 1 Comment(s)

A few weekends ago i went to chicago for a wedding.  Before going to said wedding on the sunday, i spent thursday thru saturday with my friend (from the early summer chicago wedding) relaxing and eating various blocks of chicago style meat cubes.  No one does chunks of various meats like chicago.  One of my favorite such meat logs is a burrito from "Garcias" (?), where i can get a cheeseless, marinated-beef stuffed, guacamole-smothered, tasty-ass burrito--that should, practically speaking, be eaten for two meals.  Obviously, that was not the case here.  Mouthface destruction.

i also went to "Chubby Wieners."  A joint (pun) that specializes in chicago style meats.  The Chicago-style dog (which i respect and enjoy but is not my favorite preparation) is one popular selection.  Another is the "Italian beef." Italian beef not only specifies the meat--but also the bun and condiments and the sauce.  It's a thing.  And its a tasty friggin thing. 

Sauce is especially native to chicago.  (i learned a lot about sauce this trip.)  While one would think that sauce is a fairly viscous, ketchup-like consistency--its actually mostly watery.  But its warm and pretty much meat-juice and spices.  Yum.

Well, i like to try things with the local flavor, so when the guy behind the counter asked us if we wanted our beef "wet" . . . (first i giggled internally) and my friend immediately said "yes"-- so i also said "yes."

Big mistake.

Here's what "wet" is.  Wet means they dip the entire bun in that sauce, til its soaked, then apply meat and veggies.  We took ours to go.  And while my friend lived right around the corner, by the time i went to eat my sandwich, it resembled meat encased in a meaty bread pudding.  But then it crumbled like a wet graham cracker (i dip!).  All in all, i think chicago gets a big fail on this one.  i do not like biting through a sand castle of soggy bun to get to my deliciousness.  I have consulted with friends from the area, and they say that if you house your sandwich right on the spot after getting it wet, its awesome.   Not sure i'm gonna give this one a second chance. 

Still ate the whole god damn thing, of course.  Let's not get crazy.

oh yah.  there was also chicken and waffles.  did i not mention the chicken and waffles?   they tasted as good as they looked.

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  1. Yes, Garcias. Soggy sandcastles of Italian beef is far from a "big mistake".