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Ok.  My dad has an iphone now.  Well technically, he's on his 3rd iphone.

He had my old one, which he never picked up as far as i can tell.  Then he simply took and played with my mom's iphone (she is a fairly accomplished tech-head for her cohort--and she is Bill Gates compared to my father's computer skills). Finally, with much prodding, we got him one of his very own.  So far, there have been 3 amazing phone calls related to this purchase.

(for the record, while i poke fun of my father's tech skills, i love him dearly and he knows how to cure cancer . . . so . . . there's always a trade off).

Phone Call #1. 

Dad:  Matt, how do i access my email.
Me:   You mean the one i set up for you like 10 years ago (aol).
Dad:  Yah, or the one you set up 3 years ago (gmail).

I proceed to give him his log in and probable passwords.

Dad:  So now I can activate my iPhone?
Me: What?
Dad:  Now that I have my email address, I can activate my new iPhone, . . .  right?
Me:  Dad, your email and your iPhone are totally different things.  You can own an iPhone and not even have an email address.
Dad: Are you SURE that's right?
Me: Positive.
Dad: Hmmmm . . . ok.

 Phone Call #2

(my phone rings--dad's cell number and picture pop up)

Me:   Hey dad
Dad:  Hey, could you call me back on your Mom's cell.  We are in the car right now, and my phone looks to be really low on battery.
Me:    Um, why didn't you just call me with Mom's phone.
Dad:  Oh, yah, that would have been a better idea.

Phone Call #3
(my personal favorite)
This phone call came JUST after my father called me back from Phone Call #2 on my mom's cell phone.
As I begin talking with my parents between my and my mom's cell -- I get that beep that means an incoming call.
I look down, and there is my Dad's face looking back at me, smiling.  Almost as if he knew how hilarious it was that he was pocket dialing me from his iPhone, into a conversation that he just re-initiated because of his phone's dying battery.

That's not even the punch line folks.  This is:
He ended up leaving a 4 minute plus message on my voice-mail which was a recording of the conversation we were having on the other two phones (on speakerphone).  The whole conversation that we couldn't have on dad's phone because of its waning battery was recorded onto said dying phone, in its entirety.

I laughed the whole 4+ minutes.

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