Contemplating My Ring Finger

Monday, May 21, 2012 | 1 Comment(s)

I'm getting married next Sunday.

I am extremely excited.  Getting married is the easy part.

So today, i've been spending a lot of time looking at my ring finger. all bare and unmarked, over there on my left hand.

I have small hands.  I realize that popular culture would lead one to believe that this potentially means that i need . . . . well . . . small gloves as well . . .  but part of getting married means never caring about a conversation RE: glove size,  ever again.  Another wonderful benefit of marriage.

In reality, my small hands mean that the prospect of a ring is a true change of my digital landscape.  Did I mention i already have a ring.  Check it.

It's blue and purple speckled quartz and is truly one of a kind (a local acquaintance recently saw a picture of the ring and remarked, "you frggin hippie."  The combination of the accuracy of the statement, taken together with the fact that she has gotten as "engagement tattoo" on her thumbs, made me laugh heartily. )

The only so called "problem" i have with the ring is that when i wear it, it feels, thick.  I mean, it fits -- but i can't tell if the feeling of discomfort comes from a normal adjustment to the rings thickness pushing on my pinkie and middle finger, or if i need a thinner ring because i have small hands, or, perhaps, it is just the discomfort that comes from weight of the chains (of knowledge?) that come from knowing you will never be free again.  (I KIDDDDDD I KIDDDDDD).

Nonetheless, the ring is going on next sunday.  for good.  and so, i realize, that i am now experiencing the fleeting feeling that i have grown accustom to over the past 33 years, of wearing no jewelry on my fingers.  And, like everything else this week, i'm trying to take the time to appreciate these moments.  These moments of normalcy, fingers bare, that will soon become abnormal, swallowed by the new normal of a quartz gilded promise of my connection to another.  Both feel good.  The old and the new.  I don't feel forced to change, nor pressure to remain the same.  Like my recently diploma, i have completed where i am, and i am moving toward what is next.  and the ring itself is just a cut of stone.  The strength of that stone, however, lies inside mmf and me.

(ps.  i'm also excited to move away from acronyms for my fiancĂ© and into the Wife Zone)

and now.  puppy snuggling pictures.

"Dad, we're sleeping"

Falcor is always the small spoon 
so many cute puppies, my brain can't handle it!!!

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  1. Obsessed with the puppy pictures, and I loooooove your ring! As a newer ring-wearer, I'm going to suggest that the ring might indeed be a little thick, BUT you'll probably adjust to it within a week or two of the wedding just as much as you'd need to adjust to any width ring! :)