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Thursday, May 10, 2012 | 0 Comment(s)

First and foremost, I have successfully not turned this into a wedding blog.  I know that because the Itsabout Timely Demise of my mmf into my wifeaholic is a short 2.5 weeks away.  And I believe this is the first I've mentioned it.

I also never turned this into a graduate school blog.  I know this, because i get hooded tomorrow, and i'm saving all the juicy stories from this wonderful journey into human torture for it's own dedicated volume.

It's obviously a little more of a borderline call as to if this is a doggie bloggie.  I don't think so.  I mean, I've hardly even talked to everyone about the grey/blue hurricane which is our 7 month old pit Falcor.  I am developing a project around this, however, which may actually force me to learn how Tumblr works.  I'll explain.

My understanding of the web service Tumblr (and I promise i have not peaked into the internet to verify any of this, so I'm assuming at least some subsection is incorrect), is that it is like twitter, but designed to post primarily pictures with small text captions.  At first, i thought this a bit ridic.  Excessive.  redundant.

Then my puppies started cuddling and my whose worldview was thrown to shit.

Grover (our 2 yr old) and Falcor (our frrrressshhly neutered 7-month old) love each other (see above).  They are the best of buddies.  (the hope is that now that Falcor is fixed, that their buddy-ship will become much less sexual and less "hump-ie").

Because of said affection for one another (the platonic kind again), they prefer to sleep together.  cuddled.  They don't, however,  have a preferred position for said cuddling (though in relevant situations, Falcor is the small spoon).  And so, each night as I watching Jon Stewart and Colbert point out the world's hypocrisy, I look to my right and get a glimpse of the holy of holies of cuteness.  I submit to you:

Are you starting to understand why i may need to learn Tumblr?

I don't want this blog to become a storage facility for my cute dog pics.  I do, however, want a storage facility for all of my cute dog pics.  Perhaps some record of the nightly contortions of cute that nuzzle their way onto the couch and into your heart.  I'll let you know when i make this happen.  I'm worried that it will be way more popular than my writing.

so be it.

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