Fairy God People

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I am desperately in love with my friends.

No matter how crazy or outrageous I think I may be, they always keep me grounded by showing me how much of life I still fail to even glimpse.

I mean.  I'm a liberal guy.  Not even "pretty liberal."  Solidly liberal.  And these are not my political beliefs per say, but rather that I take a more "if it makes you happy, and its not hurting anyone, rage on" approach to life.  Very rarely, if ever, am I the one trying to keep things civilized.  You get the picture.

So, when my beautiful friend Daphne (not her real name) came running up to me, excitedly telling me that she was a "fairy godmother," I kept a completely open mind.  Of course, having no idea what that meant functionally, I did a quick mental checklist of reasonable possibilities:

- She's a godmother, and is simultaneously she is coming out to me.
- This is just Daphne's way of saying she's a godmother
- She's in a play
- She's joined the circus
- She's lost it completely
- She bought a toy wand and stole a child
- She bought a toy wand and borrowed a child
- She needs to stop watching True Blood

I was so very very wrong.  And the fact that the truth is so much further afield than my already ridiculous list of possibilities is what both humbles me and continues my love affair with my friends.

Here's the real way Daphne became a fairy godmother, and I'm fairly sure that this should become the true definition of the term from now until eternity.

She explained, "So me and this amazing couple have been sleeping together a lot recently.  And we've been having the BEST SEX!!!  And . . . . get this . . . the wife got PREGNANT during this period that we've all been sleeping together.  Soooo . . . . . I'm this soon-to-be-kid's fairy godmother!!!"

And, god damn it, she's totally right.

My reaction, however, took more of a circuitous path to comprehension, reflection, and then unbelievably enthusiasm.

My brain went like this:

She's sleeping with a COUPLE.  That's crazy.  That's horrible. That's HOT. That's amazing.  Daphne's amazing.  Hot sex with a couple.  People do that?  Ok.  Yah.  That's something people do.  Totally.  I knew that.  I totally knew that. And i'm comfortable with it.  Totally comfortable with it.  Am i saying comfortable too many times?  I think this makes me uncomfortable.  And jealous.  And horney.   Annnnd now i'm super happy.  Daphne is having hot threesomes for procreation!!  Why aren't more people doing shit like this?  Are more people doing shit like this!?  I have the coolest fucking friends in the world. 

So, Daphne is a fairy godmother.  Duh.  The term is perfect.  It both reclaims the word "fairy" for the GLBT community in a positive and empowering sense -- and, to the best of the English languages ability, connotes Daphne's real and unique contribution to the creation of this new life.  Who wouldn't want to have a fairy godmother floating around in this world.  Even if she can't turn your pumpkin into a carriage, the more loving grown-ups tethered to a child's well-being the better.

And frankly, while i don't personally know this lucky new fairy god-child rolling around in a womb somewhere, i can say with certainty that while Daphne may not turn be able to turn your mice into horses -- her magic and love are transformative.

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