Marriage Was The Case That They Gave Me

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | 0 Comment(s)

I simply can't give you all a postmortem of the weddingpocalypse that happened here over memorial day.  I can tell you that I already broke that wedding ring a posted recently (more on that in another post).  Unlike the engagement story, which was long, but had a linear trajectory -- the story of this wedding was a combination of hundreds of smaller stories, all beginning at various moments in the past, and then converging at the Pine's Theater in Northampton 10 days ago.

There are also no real words to describe how special and loved by my community the wedding process made me feel.  To try and convey those emotions would be a jumble of mixed metaphors including birds and rainbows and butterscotch sundaes and snow days.  i was shock&awed by the generosity of love, care, and spirit that were sent my wife and my way.  (NO MORE MMF EVER!!!!)

This event was a coming together.  A coming together of our diaspora of friends, all from various vignettes of our lives B.M. (ahem. 'before marriage'), to meet and share in our love and joy and celebration.  A coming together of these ol' friends, with the people who have always know e and I primarily as a couple (yes, by marrying me my wife has implicitly agreed to let her first initial be used in this blog).  A meeting place for old e stories and mattitiyahu stories to meet more recent e and mattitiyahu stories.  And, since, we both have fantastic amazing talented and, most importantly, overly affectionate friends -- it was like a love nirvana: lovana.  The ultimate friendgasm.  It had the feel of the final campfire from sleep-away camp, only it lasted all weekend long (wow.  how privileged to you have to be to keep up with my metaphors!).  personally, i experienced a humbling amount of love.

It was also moment for us to turn inward as a couple. To recognize what we'd gotten ourselves into, and to take the time to appreciate it.  To feel calm and strengthened in the presence of my partner -- and to appreciate the moment that was created solely to declare that love for each other publicly.

I have to tell you, "i do" feels like getting picked first for flag football in middle school.  it's like getting picked first, but for the rest of your life. 

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