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I love me some good onomatopoeia, and the word for 'thank you' in Tahiti is Maruru, which is semi-sung like it was coming out of an anime animal's whisper-hole. It is particularly difficult to say without a smile on your face.  But, in all honesty, it is difficult to not have a smile on your face at any given moment down here in Moorea.  It's paradise on steroids.  A more deluxe version of luxury.  Not over the top, but rather gliding along the crisp turquoise water's surface.

For example.  At the end of our first full day down here on honeymoon, I took to the Wi-fi hotspot to send my parents a quick "holy shit this is amaze-balls" email.  It also included a "we survived the 46 straight hour journey without killing each other or deciding not honeymoon together" clause.   As I was typing out our early adventures, our eyes were pulled towards the lagoon by an older French couple's grunting.  (Ok, it wasn't grunting, it was French, but come ON). We look off the balcony filled with boat drinks to see a spray of water appear at the edge of the lagoon (yes, we are at a lagoon -- 5 foot deep water for 250 yards).

"That's weird," I say to my wife.  "No, that's a friggin whale," she replies.  And, because I married her, I know she's right.  It's a friggin whale.  Not a Right whale, a humpback. You know, just chillin by the lagoon for happy hour, like us.  In actuality it was feeding while we were drinking, but i was totally ok with that.  Sip of mango daiquiri, whale scoops up krill.  Repeat.

And then, a deep dive and its entire tail emerges and reenters the French Polynesian Ocean, not to be seen again.  Our jaws, however, are still dragging along the ground.  "Did that just happen?" our eyes can't seem to stop saying.

It's the same look we had coming out of the water from our first snorkel.  The look that says, "I just saw a moral eye!" Like an, "I'm at the Boston Aquarium" moray eye.  Huge.  And that really put the lotion in our basket until the 4 foot black tip reef shark decided to do a quick drive by of our snorkel spot.

The times are few and far between in life when you can't wrap your mind around your own good fortune.  I don't think we are coming home.   Sorry.

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