Multiple Choice

Monday, April 4, 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

Guess which of these things happened to me today.

A) Testing to see how clogged my nostril was, i blew a short burst of air threw to check the territory.  In response, a quarter size glob of gummy clear snot bee-bee gunned out of my nose and onto the shoulder of my shirt.

B) Relaxing on the couch with my puppy, i reached to gather him in, when i felt a medium length burst of "soft air" flow gently by across my palm.  puppy fart.

C) While absentmindedly walking from the post-swim shower to my locker, i happened to stem into what i can only term as a ball of multiple people's human hair. 

D) A & B

E) B & C

F) All of the above

are you sure you're ready to know.


it's D!  but aren't you glad you got to picture that hairball!!!

sorry.  i had a bad day.

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