Sleeping Bubonically

Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

I've been sick.  ill.  and not beastie boys ill.  more gizmo wet after midnight ill.

Personally, i try my best to take an "airplane travel" approach to illness.  Which is to say, i try to sleep my way through it.  Because when you're asleep, it's magical.

For instance.  I can get on a plane in hartford, take a 'relaxation aid' in the form of a mild anti-anxiety med, and after the most pleasant of naps, i magically arrive in California.  i have no idea how this happened because i was asleep.  My best guess is that a couple of my guardian angels swooped down and fairy'ed me there (super pun). 

When the snot monster comes, i try the same approach.  Sleep it off.  Sleep through it.  Sleep hard.  This is a particularly helpful strategy for me because my illnesses are usually the result of totally overworking my body and mind until they meltdown.  In this current case, my tentative grip on health was additionally foiled by mmf getting the plague (the 10 day version of the 3 day cold im dealing with).  Because she loves me and learned at an early age the importance of sharing, she gave me a weakened version of her black death. 

During the past 48 hours of illness, i slept through 28 hours of it.  My body just couldn't seem to stay awake.  And who am i not to go with the flow.  Suffice it to say, these were very happy days for our puppy grover.  Essentially this meant he had free access to sleeping on the bed for almost a week (mmf's illness plus mine).  He loves this.  And as i am writing this i'm beginning to worry that maybe my puppy (much like his mother) is an evil genius.  Secretly infecting his parents with non-lethal totally debilitating diseases so as to lay them up and thereby giving him access to the almighty human-person bed.

bliss squared

It all makes sense now.  I feel like the tv detective right before the end of the show where my mind's eye is watching all the puzzle pieces fall into place.

oh no . . .  i'm at the coffee shop typing this . . . i've left mmf alone at home with the pup.  what if this is the moment he's been waiting for . . .   to put into motion the final phase of his plan  . . . .

*running home to see if ill they'll ever be a space for me on the human-person bed ever again* 

don't count on it.

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