Not a bachelorette, but not yet a wifey

Saturday, October 29, 2011 | 1 Comment(s)

Today is the one-year anniversary of my engagement to mmf.  So, i have been using the term mmf for exactly a year.  Which means its time for something new. Something that expresses less surprise (at having a fiancé) and more excitement (at the upcoming metamorphosis into a wifeypants).  Hmmmm.

Some brainstormed thoughts:

FOTF - fiancé of the future.   This one was vetoed because its sounds too permanent.

ffTff - fiance for the foreseeable future.  This is a front-runner.  Only being held back by the connotation that sometime in the future, i will somehow find (build?) a stronger better faster stronger fiancé, whom i will switch her out for.  Like she has an expiration date.  Which she doesn't.

smmf - still my motherfucking fiancé.  I think this one's veto is obvious.

mmf part II -  see above.

mff - my focaccia fiancé - just cause it sounds so fun.

fiw - fiance in waiting -- both too british and the process leading up to the wedding is anything but a passive process.

twp - the wedding planner -- reallllllllly sends the wrong message.

mol - my only love - yah.  lets go with this one for the time being.  i like.

Anyway.  I was trying to figure out what an appropriate gift is for a proposeiversary.  I mean, there is no script for this one.  No rubric of material.  And trust me when i tell you that a second diamond is out.

So, considering she's from "the Kingdom" in Vermont, I decided to get her a foot of snow.  You know, to make it feel like home down here in balmy Massachusetts.  And wouldn't you know it . . . it came right on time.  A white halloween, and not just in the bathrooms at college halloween parties either.  we are talking october inches of snow, falling merrily from the sky.

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  1. I always got confused by mmf anyway - I thought it should be mmff. Hyphens in acronyms confuse me... but then, I'm easily confused. :) Happy year of engagement!