Thursday, October 29, 2009 | 2 Comment(s)

I'm going to say something. And im pretty sure that if you disagree with this thing i say. Than i think you are a douche-bag. High stakes, i know. I could lose some readers with this one. Here goes.

Talking on your cell phone while dealing with a person in the service industry; this is check-out people, waiters/waitresses, anyone behind a counter really; is the utmost of disrespect and should be punishable. I have not yet thought of what it should be punishable by (and im trying not to go there cause im obviously a bit worked up about this), but i know it should be punishable.

There it is. I'm said it. If you can rationalize doing this to your fellow human being, i would challenge you to inspect how you value those around you. And i realize that this is my second "bitch-fest" blog (wow those 3 words together made me throw up in my mouth a little) in a row. And that's not the "direction" im going with this thing. But there it is.

this young woman in line at CVS, you know, im actually inclined to call her a girl, is waiting in line for the register talking full volume on the phone. A taste: "El Em Ay Oh, you know 'laughing my ass off,' yah, laughing my ass off, like El Oh El, laugh out loud, yah, like that cept laughing my ass off, El Em Ay Oh" (folks, im not a good enough writer to make this up). And that's not great. I mean, right there you have some issues going on. This is already ignoring the fact that she is basically screaming in this kid in front of her's ear. At least she did once do a back-and-forth in the aisle she was lined up in. And listen. I'm not perfect. Talking in line happens. I realize that. I forgive. I don't know her. Who am I to judge.

But then she goes up to the counter. I am at a counter parallel to her at this point and the woman (working the 'Picture Counter') who is helping me is, somewhat ironically, speaking on a corded phone (can you believe they still have those). Now, let's be fair. That's rude. But, i would say in comparison to booming in line, it's even less rude than that. The difference? SHE is helping ME. She doesn't need my help for anything. If I were not there, she'd be fine. The opposite is not true. But, seeing her on the phone reminds me to look over at the girl who i assume is now off her phone. She is not. Booming at the same volume, she pushes her purchases over to the 16-year-old behind the counter. No eye contact. She actually doesn't even turn her face towards him (which i can't tell if that is worse or better to be honest). And here is the kicker. As the check out guy hands her her receipt he says, with a perfectly straight face, "You're Welcome, I hope you have a wonderful day." Now, im usually pretty good at telling sarcasm. But he rode the line between seriousness and utter absurdity so well, that my heart bottomed out at the same time that I let out an audible, "Ha!" in a whispered scream.

And she's gone. She's gone like that didn't even happen. Like she didn't just ignore this kid's existence as he tried to facilitate her life. It's fucking awful people. Don't do it. If your phone conversation is that important, you shouldn't be multi-tasking in the first place.


  1. Yes! I totally agree. Someone needs to write an etiquette book about cell phone use. Or maybe an etiquette blog. It should also mention that talking on one's cell phone for any extended period of time while out at a restaurant with a friend/date/anyone is equally unacceptable. I used to see this all the time when I was a waitress, and its rudeness never ceased to amaze me.