My Eight Nights

Saturday, December 12, 2009 | 4 Comment(s)

Pictured is what I got from my gf for the first night of Chanukah (for those who are especially observant, I have been trying to incorporate all the different spellings of the holiday into the blog):

I have no friggin clue what it is. It looks like an over-sized camera lens. I have been led to believe that when combined with 7 other parts, this becomes a functional object that i will be both be excited for and (the little hint i was given) i have mentioned in the past. My gf is an evil genius. I have literally been wracking my brain since I got it, trying to figure out what the hell it is. And she is just sitting back and listening to my guesses, taking notes for future presents. She's a god damn evil genius. Thankfully, Christmas is late this year so I will be able to enact some revenge on her come the 25th. But, sadly, I think she's got the upper hand this year since the idea I have doesn't come in individually wrapped pieces. Please, if for some reason you do know what the hell this thing is, don't tell me. I want to figure it out fair and square, or not at all. I even woke up from a nap ruminating on what it could be.

On a related, but somewhat different note, i'm extremely thankfully of the fact that i truly want for nothing. In torturing myself trying to think of what this object I crave might be, I am forced to realize that need nothing. I'm really lucky. I also kinda want for nothing. Cause if I really wanted something, i'd be able to figure out what this crappy piece of plastic that just stares at me, mocking me silently, is a part of.


  1. aforementioned (evil genius) gfDecember 12, 2009 at 5:39 AM


  2. Christmas isn't late this year, pumpkin. It very, very reliably falls on December 25. Every year. Without fail.
    I know, because it's the day after my birthday. And because I'm good at pattern recognition.

  3. Would you be happier if I said Hannukah was early this year? But, it also is the same 8 days on the Hebrew calender every year. Like so many things, it is a matter of perspective.

  4. I'm just touched that you expressed concern for my happiness...