Enlarge Your Watch Size 3" !!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 | 2 Comment(s)

So, I haven't been feeling the entry bug recently, so thankfully this spam message came in my school inbox today:

From:  Alexis Plummer (if you'd like to contact Alexis be my guest -- especially if you know how to email-bomb an inbox.)
Message: If your whole life is shit, at least you can have a decent watch on. Get a designer watch almost for free. & a click away 'http://nakelight.n'   (I didn't type to actual website just in case someone mistakenly clicks it--i care about your well-being)

Now, I'm always wary of anything that is "& a click away."  It just seems too close and too far away at the same time.  But you have to applaud the honesty in their advertising strategy.  It's not like their manipulation of your self worth is subtly tucked behind some double-speak.

(I just couldn't resist this picture!!!!!!!!)

What gets me is that this is new strategy for watches.  I mean, talk about a last gasp effort from a dying (dead?) technology.  And im not saying, "don't rock a watch."  I kinda collect them (especially pocket-watches).  I think there is something beautiful about a well-crafted watch.  I don't wax romantic about many objects, but a few of the one's i do, are watches.  What I'm saying is that the technology is dead.  With the ubiquity of cell-phones, and a clock on the front being a pretty minimal standard feature, the truth is you just don't NEED a watch.  You may want one and wear one, but you don't need it.  It is redundant to a more necessary item in your life.  And so we have -- watch spam.  The once fertile ground only for penis enlargement ads and offers of 18-yr old virgin p*ssy, is now the target demographic of the watch industry.  I'm pretty sure this is one of those "oh how the mighty have fallen" moments.

quick aside: i just used a form of the word 'ubiquitous' on my blog and im a little bit nauseous.  end quick aside

Hannukah present update:  After literally wracking my brain for 36 hours, receiving one more completely non-descript piece of plastic,  and literally waking up from a nap guessing, i finally came up with the gist of my gift.  It's awesome.  It's an adjustable conical coffee grinder that can do both espresso grind and french press.  She also got me a beautiful french press.  The problem with my aforementioned gift strategy RE: Hannukah often starting before Christmas, is that when your gf gets you a super sweet present, you sometimes have to step up your game.  Challenge accepted.  I go to the mall with my friend Sarah in Boston (Cambridgeside Galleria actually) this weekend!

I also got a big fluffy cloud-like light-blue robe (my gf definitely had a hand in it though--i may or may not have been stealing her pink one) from my parents.  And while it makes me look like a gigantic marshmallow peep, i friggin love it.  It's soft and warm and makes me feel happy. 


  1. I suggest you wear the robe in the locker room and flash the Pink-Briefed Panther.

  2. I would never wear something so heavenly in such a filthy devilish place.