Monkey Madness

Thursday, January 7, 2010 | 2 Comment(s)

When you move to a non-English speaking country and start to assimilate, slowly but surely the new language works its way into your subconscious.  It is almost a rite of passage for 2nd language learners to dream in their new language.  I have had this process happen twice (Hebrew & Japanese), and both times I awoke elated and super proud of myself.  I am NOT above being proud of my subconscious.  And there is nothing more sublime for me than the idea being productive in my sleep.  *shudder*  Just typing that was a little arousing.

I was wondering today (and this is truly a sign I am on vacation) if those monkeys that are kept in captivity (I actually kind of like the fact that the word 'captivity' has such a harsh and uncompromising connotation) and are taught sign-language, ever have dreams (monkeys do dream) in English.  I mean they live in constant contact with humans and the English language. And they're smart.  Really smart.  And I realize that they may hear those human sounds and still not understand what the words mean.  But i wonder, if sometimes, they have a crazy dream where they can also understand English.  Because sometimes, in amazingly cool dreams I have, I can speak their monkey language with them.  I bet that monkey that has that crazy dream wakes up amazingly satisfied after an incredibly productive night of sleep.


  1. isn't it more likely they'd dream in sign language?

  2. hey Arthur. I actually think it is probable that they do dream in sign language already. I was going for something a little more "out there."