The Day I Lost A Follower

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 | 2 Comment(s)

I lost a follower today.  I think it was all the poop talk.
thankfully, I saw this commercial today, so my poop clean up needs are well in hand.

Let's list the things that are totally fucked about this commercial.

1.  Grown-up woman seductively lowers glasses to check out a male toddler.  Sexualization of kids anyone?  it's not just for Japanese comics anymore.

2.  The baby is wearing a diaper that looks like a banana hammock.

3.  The diaper either is made out of, or made to look like, jeans.  Seems especially smart on these 100 degree days.

4.  With the hipster looking on, the baby crawls into his(?) shmancy car--extending the subjective beauty standard onto babies.

5.  These are limited edition diapers.

6.  This is the stupidest friggin idea i have ever heard.  Stupid enough, in fact, that when it came on my television, i looked toward my gf in disbelief and she replied, "no, it's for real.  it's not a joke."  I kept hoping it was an SNL commercial gag skit that i had missed during the 10-15 or so years i stopped watching cause it wasn't funny.

But let's give the advertisers the credit that they deserve, the voice-over is funny.  he says:

"My diaper is full . . .  full of chic"
"when it's a number 2, i look like number 1."
"i poo in blue."

and my favorite, the tagline:  The coolest you'll look pooping your pants.

Come on guys, we can all agree that that is at worst, kinda funny. 

I'm totally going to lose another follower today.  Sigh.


  1. Well, my friend. You gained one today. I recently saw this commercial and I felt two emotions:

    - disgust

    - lusty

    Huggies really knows how to capitalize on the sex-factor of babies. And...babies in jeans?!? *SWOON*

  2. Um. Did I miss the rise out of the recession, or...?