Family Vacation Part 3: The Best Thing That You'll See All Day

Monday, July 26, 2010 | 7 Comment(s)

Previously I believe I mentioned that my family was kinda kooky.  I am now about to show you 1) irrefutable evidence in support of that claim, and 2) the biggest laugh you'll have today.

Since on this vacation there was rain every single day, the family decided to make use of 'pool time' during some of the brief breaks of sunshine.  One thing led to another and the next thing you know my brother is convincing me that doing "pool routines" would be super fun.  I'll be honest with you guys, I totally blew him off.  And then he goes ahead and does this:

(editors note: it was pre-arranged that there was a mandatory 3 handstands required and one, in my brother's words, "may or may not be of the one-handed variety")
I believe that a true sign of maturity is the ability to admit when you're wrong.  He had called my bluff.  He went ahead and pulled that glorious son of a bitch of a routine out of his pocket and I had to admit that that was pretty fucking fun(ny).  Now, one of the things I love the most about my brother is his ability to totally commit to the things he puts his mind to.  He'll just be like, "huh, i feel like i definitely should read Moby Dick and War and Peace."  A week later he will call, gasping for air, arm raised in victory, having conquered both mountain-tops.  I take more of an . . . indirect approach.  Or the "try try again" method.  I say all of this to prepare you for my "routine."  It is made all the more glorious by my brother's Olympic Coverage-style announcing.  And yes, he does end the video by yelling "ACTION."  I will say in his defense that the first thing he said, post-video was, "Why did I say 'action' at the end.  I'm such an idiot." He's not, but that's why it's funny.  Enjoy:

You can really see the dance major in me as i immediately respond to my brother's instruction's to "evolve out of the pool."  Pick your jaws up off the floor people!  You act like you've never seen a perfectly executed double handstand? 

That, my friends, was a really good day.


  1. Okay, I was a little nervous by your claim that this would be the best thing I saw all day. But actually? I can't think of anything better than watching men in their 30s perform pool routines. Your brother's commentary was brilliant, btw.

  2. Wow. I had already seen these, and it still made my day!
    Woke up feeling stressed, and now I feel better.
    Love those kooky Zimblers!

  3. @Melissa: That will teach you to doubt me.
    @Ari: I miss you already.
    @Nora: You better love those kooky Zimblers, you will be one soon.

  4. just fell more in love :)

  5. @gf the ladies can't resist the double handstand.

  6. ha! I LOVE doing pool routines. I have this whole thing where I imitate a whale, and well, it's amazing.