14 Years Bad Luck

Friday, May 27, 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

today was a weird day. 

not a bad day, certainly.  but not a particularly great day either (though the bruins are still playing, so we'll see).

And example:

About a month ago i mentioned to mmf that my car's right side mirror was shaking when i got up to speed.  About a week ago, she noticed it was super loose, and pulled it off.  Not the whole side mirror mind you, just the thin slice of mirror that is glued onto the side-mirror console.  And so everything looks normal, except there is no reflection. 

Today on the way to work, i stop at a stop sign and hear a crash like someone had broken a bottle on the pavement off in the distance.  "Someone else's problem," i thought to myself.  I pulled out onto the main road and i am proud to say it was not too long til i glanced at my left side mirror and discovered that it too, and jumped ship. 

That is weird.  right?  So now i can only look behind me with my inside rear view (here's hoping they used better glue on that one) or the ol' head turn. 

Is this the product of 5 year super glue or something.  I mean, whats going on.  I didn't even know those rear-view mirrors had real mirrors on them until a week ago.  Now they are para-trouping off my car like the view outside Gadhafi's compound (oops, are we supposed to wait until after . . . my bad.)

Anyway.  That's the kinda weird its been.  Least it's not boring.

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