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Monday, May 2, 2011 | 0 Comment(s)

It's hard to write a post right now without discussing this whole "we killed Osama" thing going on.  And yet, i don't really feel like going too too deeply into it.   so ill say a few things and move on in my next post.

1. I'm glad he's done with.  I felt much more relieved and maybe even a version of happy to hear the news of his apprehension/assassination.  As i was living in NYC for 9-11, i saw the hurt and horror up close, and whether i like it or not, Osama is the figurehead of that attack and his killing represented our ability to hold a non-country terrorist accountable for their actions.

2. I was surprised by the whole "dancing in the streets" aspect of his killing.  As good as i felt about this "being over" (those are huge quotes), i just can't get to dancing over death.  i'm for closure, i'm for accountability, i have just seen and felt nauseous over too many broadcasts of Arab nations dancing in the streets over attacks (9-11, israel, etc) and killings to see it as an option.  Celebrating killing is like fighting for peace and fucking for virginity . . . in the end it just doesn't seem to turn out for the best.

3. I saw a headline, "Rumsfeld: Intelligence may have come from Gitmo" (i will NOT link to this video).  Here's my reaction to that.  Fuck you Rumsfeld.  Fuck you so fucking hard you fucking fuck.  You can not try to rationalize your torture of prisoners by going on tv and saying it may have helped the administration after yours do what you couldn't.  Fuck you.  Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.  You aren't allowed to try and re-write history anymore.  You're out.  Your 15 minutes are over and you made your country worse.  There is no excuse for torture.  Torture without due process is exactly what we are fighting against you tired bag of shit.  perhaps we need to water-board you until you can admit this to your own country who you feel so comfortable lying to.

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