I Just Cant Quit You Newsweek

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | 3 Comment(s)

about a week ago i wrote about how cancelling my subscription to Newsweek was the best thing i have ever done, in that i both cancelled before it fell to crap and that they continue to send me Newsweek at 100% off the cover price. 

I thought i was done with it.  but then, on friday i get this picture text from mmf.

(im available if you need a Photoshop tutorial)

That's correct.  Another issue of there magazine concurrent with a letter recognizing how long it has been since i last paid for their magazine.  Now you know the letter is from Newsweek because its addressed to "Maltitiyahu".  It's their little pet name for me. 

i absolutely love the text.  its almost a poem onto itself:

it's late.
But not too late.
for the "comeback of the year"!

i can almost hear Shatner reading it.

i assume that in this case the comeback refers to my return to paying for their magazine.  I think i'm a better candidate for best sportsmanship.

Amidst all this poking fun at Newsweek, i looked at the past few issues and saw a strange similarity between their May 16 and May 23 issues.  See if you can pick it out:

you don't even want to know "why the flashlight"

is Newsweek trying to assassinate Cindy McCain?  Maria Shriver?  Todd Palin!?! 

is Newsweek the blindfold pulling the wool over our eyes?

is Newsweek implying that wives are domestic terrorists?

Was Seal Team 6 comprised of politico wives?  (can i even write "Seal Team 6" now that Disney owns it?)

is Newsweek pointing out how the republican's wives hairdos resemble Osama's mustache?

i hope these stories start trending.
i could do this all night. 


  1. they're so close to bankruptcy that they can only afford 3 colors?

  2. I want to cancel my subscription, but is very hard, please could anyone tell me how to do? My resident is spoted in south America.