I Probably Couldn't Have Danced All Night

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So I was trying to find something to write about recently as i went into the bathroom (cause that's where i think the best, obviously). And something caught my eye. Let's play a game. Here is the entry to my bathroom. Can you guess what I'm going to write about???

Time's up.

I'll have you look to the windowsill where you'll see what looks like formal stemware. I'll zoom in for you.

I will now explain the two candles in stemware in my bathroom.

The candle part i think explains itself, so the location of said candles shouldn't knock your socks off. But, if you were to look closely enough to read the writing on said candles, you would see this:

"In Your Eyes"
Pittsfield High School
Prom June 8, 1995


"With or Without You"
Junior Prom
May 11, 1996

These were the party favors given to students attending the prom (which the junior class put on for the senior class) were given. I would like to add that as my junior class vice president (I won by default when the kid who had won got kicked out--i would also add here that i lost 9 of 10 student elections [if you count my vp win as a win] during my 4 years in high school. that's one position each year [secretary,treasurer,vp, and pres] one student council loss each year, and two of those years an additional "at-large member" of student council loss. I would take some comfort in the fact that it was "a popularity contest" except, um, COME ON. Yes, to answer the obvious question, I watch and love gLee.) i did get to give input on the theme and I am still a huge Say Anything fan to this day.

Why do i still have them? I have no really good answer. I'm a pack-rat. I was brought up with one of the walls of my bedroom being made of cork, so I would just stick shit on there. Layers and layers. Absolut adds, awards, pictures of my sports heroes, dance corsages, letters, . . . anything. It almost encouraged my already hoarding nature.

Recently, my parents have hinted (not so subtly) that they would like to turn my old bedroom into something new. Being 31, i feel that this is a not so unreasonable request. But being their son, and realizing i had some leverage, i decided to make the most of it. I agreed as long as they turned my old room into a "man room" for my dad. My dad has never really had a "man room" and frankly he deserves it (His bedroom is lavender for god's sake). Everyone does. Everyone needs a space that is all their own. I bet even cave people had set "alone time" in the cave. I friggin bet yah. Anyways, they called my not so scary bluff and now i am in the process on "tearing down the wall" aka. taking all this crap off my cork-board/gutting my room. I am anticipating that when i go home for thanksgiving, this process will be put into full swing. I'm not entirely sure how i'm going to feel about it, but i'm sure i'll let you know. Maybe even snap some pics.

In any case, during the last installment of "gutting one's childhood" i found these wax filled gems, and decided that they would be perfect in my current shit-room. And i must say, it's as if they were made for each other. Nothing masks the smell of a bowel movement like the memory of high school.

I should add that this is not to imply that I didn't have a good time at either prom, because i most certainly did. I even rigged the ballot with some friends to make my date the prom queen senior year. (that's right, i did it. The truth comes out! I was so baaaaaaaaaad.) While I can't say that any of my 4 proms were reminiscent of any pop culture portrayal of said events (where is the movie of the virgin who doesn't even realize he's supposed to score?), I can't say that any of the events were remotely scarring. So i'll count that as 1 in the win column.

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