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Saturday, November 7, 2009 | 4 Comment(s)

One of the things i look at in my extended studies is gender.  And when you study something specifc for long enough, you start to see trends and differences everywhere.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, so im just gonna leave it at "a thing."

Here is one of my recent observations about gender differences.  Men and women have a different relationship with jumping.  And I'm not talking about sports or athletics in any way.  I'm talking about "why" us normal boys and girls jump.

Men will jump to hit any high point.  We have a natural drive to see if we can put our bodies up that high.  Be it a door frame, basketball rim, or trapeze hanging from a tree 40 feet up in the air and you are expected to just fling your body off this tiny little wooden plank to grab it--i digress--but men will jump for it.  We are achievement oriented in our jumping.  We jump to be given the chance to succeed.  To grab the carousel ring (emotionally). 

Women are not wired this way.  They are wired so oppositely, that if you look in a woman's eyes when she's watching a man jump and hit a door frame you may actually catch the telepathic signal she is sending screaming, "Why am I forced to watch this.  Why am i subjected to the idiocy which is these buffoons leaping at low hanging wood.  And they wonder why we like older guys."  (*the jokes on them, men will jump til it hurts their back to do so).

Women also love to jump.   In pictures.  On a beach or in a group?  Lets take a picture of us all jumping together.  It's not that men won't oblige in these pictures, but it is never their idea.  Women like to be caught in the air on film.  Why?  Not totally sure, but my guess is that it has something to do with achieving the ability to fly.  to be weightless.  Unbound by the earth.  It's just a theory.

If you know of women who jump at door frames or a man who INSISTED on your group taking an in air photo shot, by all means let me know.  All theories are open to revision.


  1. Maybe women don't jump to hit a high point because our bodies have a lower center of gravity, making it harder for us to achieve a high jump, meaning we're less likely to hit that high point? Just throwing that out there :)

  2. I totally do the jumping in pictures thingy....sigh

  3. Hi Matt- Cool blog. I randomly "jumped" to this one. I believe Dani Rotstein used to always jump in photos on his various trips around the world. As for the general man jumps, my theory is it harks back to when little boys dreamed they could grow tall enough to slam dunk. Hope you're well! DN

  4. @D. glad you enjoyed the blog. As i've said in a different blog entry, people whose names end in "i" are always wildcards.