Laundry List

Sunday, November 8, 2009 | 2 Comment(s)

Today i folded a bunch of my laundry.  About two hampers full.  And the fact that the last thing i did after folding and putting away all those clothes was to fill the hamper to the top with dirty close strewn on the bedroom floor (in my defense, the vast majority were sitting in the negative space where the hamper should have been), leads be to believe that i really need to get rid of some clothes.  But that is a post for another day.  Today's post is RE: leftover sock.  

Now i know that most of you expect me to wax philosophical about the meaning of the leftover sock.  But you are way off.  I'm all about volume folks.  I did not have 1 unmatched leftover sock.  I had 10.  TEN FRIGGIN UNMATCHED SOCKS.  im not sure i understand how that's possible.   Because i know you are dying for evidence, i took a picture of the unmatched colored socks (there were two unmatching white socks of about the same length that i gave a "close enough" sigh to as i balled them together).

Now, 2 things that you can't tell from this photo.  The blue socks with the white strips are clearly different colors.  The two black socks of similar length, while passable, are two different brands, styles, and thicknesses.

How is this possible?  Is THIS a metaphor for something deeper.  Seeing all those orphans on the floor, i didn't know whether to throw all my socks away and start from scratch or start singing from the musical 'Oliver.'

Suggestion lines are now open.  If you've got a reasonable explanation, we've got an operator standing by.


  1. That one, second from the top is mine.

  2. Yo-Yo -- when you wear socks that don't match, and then you wash them together, they come out as clean, unmatched socks. Simple math dear Watson. Either that, or Erin has a killer sock-puppet collection! Slow-Mo