Vulff ben Tzvi v Yehudite

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 | 1 Comment(s)

The title of today's update is actually my brother's Hebrew name. Vulff, means "wolf" in Hebrew. The rest is actually my father and mother's Hebrew names, as the lineage in Judaism is so important that it is reflected even in one's name. This is appropriate since MY BROTHER JUST GOT ENGAGED!!! I could not be happier. Congrats Brian and Nora.

In honor of their engagement, I decided to take Nora's advise from her recent blog entry. Nora writes about nutrition in her blog, and some of the fun ways to achieve this elusive "nutrition." The blog reminds me that nutrition is just as much mindset as it is what you put in your body. This weeks challenge was to "eat a rainbow." As much as this sounds like something someone would say while rolling on E, Nora explains how the colors in foods actually inform some of what they hold in store nutrient-wise. And so . . . this:

That's right kids. My shopping cart organized by rainbow color. I will say that the check-out guy did NOT give me the props i was hoping for. Let's itemize it:
Tomatoes, Pomegranate Juice, Steak, Pastrami (it's under the steak), the berries in the berry granola.
Orange Juice
Bananas, Cheese
Peppers, Leeks (kind of white too), Broccoli
Blueberry Juice (more tart than i thought it would be), the frosted mini-wheat box, and the milk container.
The actual milk itself, eggs, soy milk, the mini-wheat frosting.

And of course . . . the all important Challah Group. Which defies color.

Happy Engagement Brian and Nora. You deserve a rainbow of happiness together.

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  1. Matt!
    I have cried before at your posts due to laughter, but now it's from tenderness!
    Thanks for this.