O.C.D. Paradox

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 | 2 Comment(s)

My second paradox already! How exciting.

Today when I went into the gym bathroom i was confronted with this:

(it could have been MUCH worse.)

What you perhaps cannot make out from this quickly snapped iPhoto (it is a delicate  thing taking pictures in the men's locker room).  Is that there is about 10 layers of toilet paper slapped upon both sides of the toilet seat.

So here is my question:  How does the person who is obsessive enough to coat their toilet seat that many times, not also have the impulse to also leave the seat clear after use.  I mean, push it with your foot.  It's one thing to sit on a plastic seat that other people also have sat on.  For whatever reason, it is quite another thing to sit on another person's ass paper.


  1. The toilet seat is not the surface to fear. It's actually likely to be pretty safe. The faucet and door handles, however....

  2. I am constantly amused/driven crazy by the fact that there is ALWAYS pee on the women's room toilet seats. Women who squat over the bowl are the very same ones who are making the toilet seat gross to sit on. ATTENTION LADIES: Sit your ass down. You won't catch anything.