Left Turn Only

Monday, February 22, 2010 | 4 Comment(s)

There is something secretly beautiful about two cars at a red light, opposite each other, both turning left simultaneously when the light turns green. There is a moment where you just have to commit to trusting the idea that the person in the other car isn't going to screw you both and plow into you instead of turning. In that choreography there is beauty.

(I chose this photo because it was called "stock-photo-left-turn-sign. Which just happened to be exactly what I wanted. If you want to give shutterstock some business, their numbers at the bottom)


  1. I'm adding this post directly on your blog, rather than through google reader to give you a georeferenced blip from the UK. I know how you like to watch your stats soar from backwoods places like Kenya and London.

  2. I should add that if you are reading this post from the UK (or australia or japan, etc) you should turn your computer upside-down before reading this post. Or just find and replace "left" with "right."

  3. Over the years, this is has been one of my secret pleasures. Along with the moment when all the numbers on the digital clock represent a complete equation (i.e., 1:45). I never said I wasn't a total nerd.

  4. Mamta--that's beautiful. and i mean it.