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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | 1 Comment(s)

I've had my first little "blog break" in quite some time.  For that i half-apologize.  i just haven't been feeling it.  No, actually, that's a total lie.  I'm still writing blog posts in my head (in and out of the pool), but i just haven't had it in me.  Life has been pitching me high and inside, and i have been brushed back, out of the batters box.  And i understand that in a world of fairy-princess-glitter-hope-dust that when i do have these tough periods in my life, that those would be the most important times to write and share and bletchhhhhh.  Sorry, i just threw up in my mouth.

So, anyways, sorry about the break.  But even blogging must take a back seat sometimes.

But no one puts Mattiti in the corner.  Let's get to it.

LIVELIVELIVEUPDATE I was just informed the coffee shop im in is closing in 30 min.  Motherfucker.  This is what i'm talking about folks.  Boogiemans following me.

One of my favorite TV shows at the moment is How I Met Your Mother.  It may be that the characters' back story is that they all went to Wesleyan (like me).  And it may be Neil Patrick Harris -- who is brilliant.  Buuuuut it also may be that they have developed one character's back-story to be that she was a teen-aged Canadian pop-star.  One of her fake songs is my ring-tone.  More recently, they showed her Canadian kid's morning show (thing Mickey Mouse club) which was all about beaver ("they're the national animal--they're so cute").  The whole show was one huge beaver joke between these two teenaged girls and  . . . . . . ALAN THICKE!!!  Alan has made a number of cameos.

So the songs that "Robin Sparkles" sings are partially hilarious because she sings them with a Canadian accent.  And that got me thinking that there are plenty of Canadian singers in the world (i know, its hard to think about) but you never hear the word "about" pronounced in that Canadian of Canadian ways.  We leads me to think that at some point, early in these Canadian singers careers, some said, "Ok ok, now you'll never get famous if you continue to pronounce 'about' like a crazy Canadian.  it's pronounced 'about.'"  And then that singer practiced singing about like Americans instead of Canadians.  And that makes me laugh.

America the beautiful.

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  1. two beavers are better than one! they're twice the fun... for everyone!