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Friday, November 12, 2010 | 3 Comment(s)

a few political points that i just plain need to make.

we the people have a problem.  it's that we the people thing that we the people know what's best for we the people.  we don't.  not even close.  that said, in many cases, neither do the people who we elect.  

the newly elected GOP leadership are honestly trying to push for the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% to be extended!!!!!  that's insulting.  they are trying to claim that by continuing to save the richest Americans money, those people will infuse the economy with said wealth.  There are some problems with this theory.  First, it's totally bullshit.  You know, i guess that is actually the most definitive of the arguments.  I mean, while we've had these (outrageous) tax cuts in place, we almost fell into the worst depression since the "great" one.  I'm sure by continuing to favor the richest people, things will get better for the poor.  Oh wait, no they won't.  We also have economist after economist who says that this "trickle down" mentality simply doesn't work.  And the Republicans know this.  Which means, the Republicans are trying to push this through in order to save themselves and their rich friends some taxes--even if it costs us our country--our deficit and our dwindling middle class.  I just can't fathom, considering the problems and unemployment the country is facing, the titanium cojones it takes to stand up and suggest extending benefits to the least needy group possible.  No, this doesn't even help small businesses.  It only helps what the news stations like to call the fat cats.

So on a deeper level, here's my problem with this particular Republican proposal.  The Republican party has always put themselves out there as the party for working class (middle) America.   And while i don't share many viewpoints with the party, every American deserves a voice -- those in Idaho are just as important as those in New York (City.  idaho and parts of NY state are extremely similar).  But this policy doesn't benefit middle america.  It doesn't help farmers.  It doesn't help the poor.  You can't be "of the people" with half your mouth and promote policies to save millionaires money with the other half.

It seems, in this regard, the newly formed Tea Party will make for some interesting negotiations.

Full disclosure.  What the "Tea Party" is seems to be almost comically unclear to me.  There is the Obama birth certificate looking, oversized democrat hating, (totally and utterly racist) wing(nuts) who i like to laugh at when they make quotes about witchcraft or gay devils etc.  But there is at least one branch that seems committed to being "of the people."  these guys and gals, while still not my political favorites, seem to me to have a sane and reasonable platform.  And, some of these Tea Partiers were the ones that got elected.

One of the top priorities of these new tea party republicans is to rid the political system of earmarks.  You remember earmarks.  Pork-filled bills.  Essentially, they are pieces of legislation that, when passed, give big chunks o money to a state without strings or oversight.  In theory, they give local legislatures the ability to fund programs in their state, since they know the needs of their constituents best.  In reality, they are ways for politicians to transfer large amounts of money to each other without oversight.  Pork-belly spending.  "i'll vote yes for your bill if you pass my bill to give me (my state) this 4 million for 'public works.'"  The "needs of the constituents" it seems, tend to often coincide with the needs of that politician.  It's a corrupt system.

So, these tea party GOP'ers have proposed legislation that makes taking earmarks against the Republican Party's platform.  This is . . . a good thing for the american people (in my opinion).  it is not, one might suspect, in line with the current Republican point of view (many like their pork).

to give you an idea of the greater Republican feelings about earmarks, we take you to Arizona, where John McCain is adamantly against earmarks, while his fellow Arizona Republican simultaneously has individually passed over 10 earmarked bills which send the state millions.  Johnny doesn't only like his cake, he likes to eat it too.

So now you have some Republicans working "for their people" and finding opposition from . . . other Republicans.  Glorious.  It is, in essence,  a battle between who the Republicans say they want to be, and who the Republicans currently are.  Sure, the old school GOP say banning earmarks is "unnecessary" and "would be ineffective" or "not what's important at a time like this."  But i think, down deep, they are scared shitless at the prospect of having their gravy train shut down by members of their own party.  While the GOP may have the house majority, they aren't the monolith they used to be.   And i think that's a good thing.


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  3. veterans day? each war gets its own day instead of lumping all wars into one?