verbal diarrhea

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 | 3 Comment(s)

Here has been life since engagement:

mmf gets sick.

i get violently ill, go to the ER, get pumped up with 2 liters of fluids.

mmf gets it.

things aint good t'all y'all.
So excuse the lack of posting

but until then, a poem:

Online Dating

so youre a "stickler for punctuation"
(look! i used quotes)
That just means that we are not's.
but it doesnt mean
we cant be


  1. That poem was hella deep. Especially the part about "'s," since I have no desire to be owned by

    However, here is something that has been bothering me since you introduced us to "mmf." Mother fucking fiance should be "mff." Well, if mmf is "my motherfucking fiance," then it implies that motherfucking is one word and you are including "my". Fine, though previously, she was "my gf." In this post, you write "my mmf." I've stuck with your spelling and punctuation through thick and thin, but this issue of mmf needs to be addressed. Rectify this confusion!

  2. @MattyF we obviously are not a match.

    it's as if i were typing this post after 7 hours or my vomiting and then 7 more of mmf vomiting. motherfucker is one word. everybody knows this. i added a 'my' by accident. you are a stickler for grammar, but we can still be friends

  3. Sweet. Lettuce hug

    I'm assuming you are going for definition #7 here, not #1 or #2?