Dog Mocking

Thursday, September 13, 2012 | 0 Comment(s)

At a wedding i was at earlier this summer, the brides parents make fudge.  like, for a living.  So as you can image, with the wedding being held on their premises, there was A LOT of fudge to go around.  So much, in fact, that the groom implored me to take about 30 slices home with me.  


I decided to work on some of those final remaining slices last night for dessert.  Yum again.  Unfortunately, as a consequence, my lactose intolerance made be pay for my hubris the next morning.  Now I will not go into the in's and out's of my lactardation on this blog because making fun of people for talking about their lactose intolerance all the time has been done so much, as to make it unfunny.  So i will explain the situation like this.  Three pieces of fudge for dessert (chocolate, peanut butter, and rocky road) means three trips to fudge the next morning (chocolate, peanut butter, and rocky road).  

So, when rocky road came a'calling, the dogs had pretty much had it with me wasting all our quality morning time together s(h)itting in the bathroom.  And so, they did exactly what i would do, they mocked me.  

How do two pitbulls mock a human being for pooping too much you ask?  I had no idea myself until yesterday.  What they do is connect like Voltron to form a Pilobolus-esc commentary on my bathroom behavior.  Sitting one foot from me, Grover and Falcor do THIS:

"We learned it from watching YOU!" 
"Daddy, you shit too much"

"The Thinker"

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