A Love Poem (2013)

Friday, January 4, 2013 | 2 Comment(s)

love poem (2013)

I am because we love.

and it is not our existence,
but it's importance,
that we prove.

For even if the largeness of our
universes' outer realms
is as insignificant as the dust collecting atop the toaster,
to someone or something whose size is unimaginably greater. 

our love still holds meaning

In the swirl of Milky Ways
and time's ticking away,
our love drops a pin in the fleeting moment,
so you can zoom out.
zoom out. zoom out all you like.

our love remains central

As existential crises rot at the foundation
upon which lie the baseboards of our meaningfulness.
The decaying cancer cells and unplanned pregnancies 
fertilizing doubt, 
where once stood a life path. 

our love is an impenetrable refuge

And we prove
the importance,
of our existence,

because we love.


  1. I feel as though i traveled the universe and returned back to home while never leaving in the first place.