Brief Hump Day Shaming

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | 5 Comment(s)

So.  It's time to play the game where I photograph people acting like complete brats at the coffee shop, and then we take a moment to shame them for their actions, and justice is done.

I submit to you:
"I'm, like, saving it fir someone."

Now, to begin with, she's wearing leggings, so we are already not off to a good start.  But, more importantly, today is one of the wettest days of the winter thus far.  The temperature has crept above freezing for the first time in about a week and a half, and outside is slush city.  Grey deep icy puddles of undisclosed depth spot the roads and sidewalks.  Crusts of blackened snow cling to the greenery, trying to pull up and away from the radiating warmth of the pavement.  

If you were to give a two word weather report for today, those words would be wet & gross.

And here is Kelly, ears plugged into her phone which is plugged into her computer which is plugged into her white privilege.  And she's decided that while she grooves to the tunes and surfs the free wifi, it would be best if her "so-hip-right-now" moon boots rested on top of the seat next to her.  You know, so the dirt and sand and water and dog-shit can more easily remove itself from her sweet boots and attach themselves to some unsuspecting strangers butt later on.  This is not your god damn living room girl.  You're just lucky I got talked out of yanking that chair right out from under you.
In other unbelievable inane news, this story was on the nbcnews front page this morning:

Can't win: Husbands who do 'her' chores have less sex, says study

Here is one highlight: "Their findings came from data collected from Wave II of the National Survey of Families and Households, or NSFH, a 1996 national survey conducted by James Sweet and Larry Bumpass. Although the comprehensive study is almost 20 years old, Kornrich believes the household division of labor hasn't changed much and the data still apply."

Yah.  Division of labor, gender norms, egalitarianism; they are pretty much exactly the same, and totally mean the same thing, as they did a quarter-century ago.  And cassette tapes are the most righteous way to listen to music.   I'll tell you one thing, if you are a heterosexual married man and you are doing 50% of the housework, you may sometimes get slightly less sex, but you're definitely gonna be getting much better quality.  


  1. Love this post! Even thought I'm wearing a practically identical outfit. It's just because I haven't got around to doing the laundry, which incidentally is considered a "pink" job in this house :) Thanks for the laugh!

  2. @Irreverently Preggo. Same outfit huh? Just remember, you aren't a bad person, you just have a bad problem. :)

  3. Did she really say that she was saving the chair for someone? I *love* working at a college where there are hundreds more,

  4. @3G&G She didn't *actually* say it. But I felt it was thoroughly implied.

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